We have a lot of stuff going on! The biggest news is we are now well positioned to add (3) of our original shows filmed last year into Amazon programming for the fall season. We are currently re-editing for the streaming platform and will be adding some new content for delivery by end of Sept. It’s a little late in coming together and frankly was unexpected for 2022) as our first official season is still in production. However, as with anything in the broadcast industry, it’s all subject to change -currently we are working though some licensing and contractual issues that may or may not green light this last minute endeavor.

We had a super cool film shoot yesterday at The Salisbury Woods Haunted attraction in Salisbury NH with a focus on developing a segment about the massive amount of work that goes into the setup/build for a Haunted House during each the season. We are scheduled to shoot some of the new builds and structures at Haunted Overload during this Labor day weekend.

We have finalized a list of Haunts we will be filming in the fall, currently we have 14 haunts scheduled over 26 filming days in NH, NJ, PA, VA, MD, MI. We are trying to add a few other last minute dates and may move things around a little, but we will be posting fixed filming dates / locations in the next few days. We wish we could film more but logistically it’s just not possible. We had an overwhelming reaction from Haunts owners wishing to participate for the 2022 season and we really appreciated them reaching out. If we don’t get you this year, we hope to film you for the next season in the fall of 2023.

We also made it on to IMDB this week – check it out!