We had a terrific time filming at the insanely elaborate and vast Field of Screams haunted attraction in Mountville, PA for its “Halfway to Halloween” event.


We were blown away by how accommodating owners Jim, Gene, and Tanner Schopf were in allowing us to film anything and everything here. We were on site for 27 hours over three days and have approximately 14 hours of amazing footage and interviews with the scare actors, makeup artists, and crew. Jim provided us with a highly detailed walkthrough of the haunt and is just perfect on camera. He really bonded with Spooky Kisses, and they had so much fun filming some of the walkaround segments! We can’t wait to edit this together for the next full show.

We are planning on returning in the fall to capture the full Halloween madness and experience the FOS world-famous Hayride and Nocturnal Wasteland attractions, so we expect this to be edited in November or December 2022. We would like to thank Chris Bartels, the FOS site manager, who was a real trooper and coordinated a ton of stuff for us behind the scenes. He really made this all possible. This is going to be one killer episode!

Here are a few shots from the shoot.