SKH delves into the psychological aspects of horror and entertainment centered around the Halloween haunted attraction scare industry. The show offers a unique exploration of fear and terror that are central to this fascinating business sector, with in-depth analysis of sets, props, costumes, makeup, and haunt actor techniques used to frighten and disturb patrons. It features a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most epic haunts, their owners, crew, actors, and industry insiders, providing a deeper understanding of the psychology of fear and its cultural use within the global Halloween market. The show is shot in a unique documentary/actuality format with an on-camera host/comedian.

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Who is Spooky Kisses?

In her own words…

“More than just a typical Goth girl, lol. I love metal, punk, dark fashion, horror, and all things Halloween. I ran my own successful clothing store in NYC (Machine/Goth Shop) for several years and was an online distributor of Halloween costumes. But, you know, I always wanted to be a comedian and feel like I’m finally in my own element with this show. I’m having the time of my life! I love performing on stage and spent years studying dance and ballet at institutions like Boston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School, and Broadway Dance Center in NYC. I took special effects courses at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and worked in TV make-up for a short while. Later, I worked at MoMA, so I have a deep appreciation for the artistry that scare actors bring to their craft. It’s insane. Just so you know, when we are filming at the haunts, the screams are all real! I can’t tell you how terrified I become when the lights go out and I am walking through these creepy houses and structures alone. It scares the hell out of me.”

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